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January 10, 2018 — It has been 13-years today that Bill Dunston made the call that launched the EMS response that saved Jonathan Godfrey’s life. And through a series of coincidences, it was today Godfrey met Dunston for the first time.

Max Impact News

Max Impact staff tours NYC by helicopter

Jonathan Godfrey, author, and Hannah Godfrey, art director, of Max Impact: A Story of Survival, took a tour with Liberty Helicopters of New York City, Nov. 22.


Godfrey receives standing ovation at Magnetcon

Watch Godfrey speak at 40:58 in the video of the Opening Plenary Session of the ANCC National Magnet Conference - October 11-13, 2017, Houston, Texas.

Godfrey set as Magnecon opening keynote

MIt has been announced that Jonathan Godfrey will be the opening keynote speaker at the 2018 ANCC Magnet Conference, Wednesday, October 11.

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Interviews and book signings.

Vertical Magazine does Q&A with Godfrey

Recently Elan Head of Verticle Magazine done a Q & A with author Jonathan Godfrey. Click below to read the story!

Max Impact headed to HELI-EXPO for book signing

Hello, Dallas area friends and Heli-Expo attendees! We will have two limited book signing opportunities this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday: HAI Safety Committee booth #7703 (TBD) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 3-5 p.m.

Wednesday: NEMSPA booth #4008 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Bonus visit: We will be guests on Glenn Beck's the Blaze Radio Network on the Jacki Daily Show to be interviewed bout the book for a studio recording that will air March 12 from 2 to 4 p.m.

You can buy a signed copy of the book @

Jonathan Godfrey explains presentation in short video

‘MaxImpact’ details rescue and survival

“Max Impact: A Story of Survival” not only tells the story about an unfathomable crash with a sole survivor but tells a heroic tale of rescue and friendship from the perspectives of those who lived it.

Survivor plans 2017 book release

Jonathan Godfrey plans 'Max Impact: A Story of Survival' release

By MJ Brickey | Max Impact


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The impact of the 2005 LifeEvac 2 crash into the ice-cold January waters of the Potomac River took two souls but spared one — shattering not only a helicopter but lives into intricate pieces.


Sole survivor Jonathan Godfrey knows the fragments can't be forced back as they were, but he has spent more than a decade picking them up again, arranging them, and presses them into place within the pages of his book to make a grand mosaic that readers can appreciate.


This one crash made powerful waves and evoked such ripples from its maximum point of impact that it refaced our banks and redefined our shorelines where we all sat comfortably thinking we couldn’t feel the effects, but have been affected, and will continue to be shaped in ways not one of us imagined.

Godfrey elected to NEMSMS board

Pictured from left is Jonathan Godfrey, Jana Williams, and Krista Haugen at the 2015 National EMS Memorial Service. Godfrey has been recently voted to the NEMSMS board; Williams is current NEMSMS President, and Haugen is a former NEMSMS board member.

By MJ Brickey | Max Impact


SUNDERLAND, Md. — November 18, 2016 — The National Emergency Medical Service Memorial Service Board of Directors elected Jonathan Godfrey for a three-year term to serve as a board member.


 "It was in 1991 that the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS) formed the National Emergency Medical Service Memorial Service (NEMSMS)," Godfrey said. "The VAVRS realized there was no memorial service or ceremony to honor the sacrifices made by national EMS service providers."


In May, Godfrey served as Project Manager for the NEMSMS.  He has also attended the service, and at times served as a volunteer, since he became the sole survivor of the medical helicopter crash into the Potomac River January 10, 2005, that resulted in the deaths of pilot Joseph Schaffer and paramedic Nicole "Nikki" Kielar.


He said there are long-standing memorials and services for law enforcement and firefighters, so he was surprised to find out there wasn't a brick and mortar memorial for EMS after losing his crewmates.


"The first NEMSMS was held in Roanoke, Virginia and remained there until the decision was made to move it to Colorado Springs in 2010," Godfrey said. "The service moved to Arlington, Virgina in 2016."


"It's important people know there are currently three separate efforts to memorialize all EMS in the United States and one to memorialize all air medical EMS internationally," Godfrey said. "And all four I am in full support of."


The NEMSMS, National EMS Foundation, National EMS Memorial Bike Ride (NEMSMBR), and the Air Medical Memorial (AMM) are all memorial efforts Godfrey supports.


The NEMSMS position Godfrey has been recently elected to is on the board of the memorial service held yearly in Arlington, Virginia, honoring EMS personnel who died throughout the previous year.


The National EMS Memorial Foundation is an organization separate from the NEMSMS, although similar in name, which currently drives legislation and fundraising efforts to build an adequate brick and mortar memorial to honor fallen EMS.


"The National EMS Memorial Bike Ride is organized by a group known as the Muddy Angels," Godfrey said. 


He explained the NEMSMBR organizes long-distance bike ride events across the U.S.; Colorado, the South, on the West Coast, in the Mid-West, and on the East Coast.


"The East Coast ride is planned in conjunction with the annual NEMSMS," he said. "It's an experience all on its own to watch the cyclists ride into the National EMS Memorial Service."


The Air Medical Memorial is an international effort to honor all air medical transport personnel who have died in the line of duty by raising funds to build a brick and mortar location in Littleton, Colorado.


"These efforts are among my life's missions to guarantee their success and to see the memorials built," Godfrey said. "I will see a day that these monuments stand."


Map of EMS memorial locations and bike rides

Godfrey honored with Lynn Stevens Award


November 10, 2016 — The AMTC 2016 Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association has awarded the 2016 Lynn Stevens Excellence In Safety Award to Jonathan Godfrey, CMTE.


This award is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to safety initiatives that impact the safety and culture of a specific program or the transport community as a whole.

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