Godfreys take tour over NYC with Liberty Helicopters

 NEW YORK CITY — Jonathan Godfrey, author, and Hannah Godfrey, art director, of Max Impact: A Story of Survival, took a tour with Liberty Helicopters of New York City, Nov. 22.


"The tour was a surprise for my daughter (and art director) Hannah's birthday," Godfrey said. "She turned 21." He said it was an opportunity for Hannah to get aerial photos and video of NYC.


Hannah is a talented artist, photographer and videographer. He said he cannot wait to see the photos and video she captured and how she puts it all together.


"This video was shot by me mostly with my iPhone," he said. "The rotor video footage was shot by a tech on the ground."


He said co-author and life partner, MJ Brickey, arranged the video and posted it to TheMaxImpact.net for everyone to enjoy.


"I want to share the tour with my friends, family, and readers," he said. "It is an interesting video and the shots are beautiful."


Hannah's perspective of the trip will be posted to TheMaxImpact.net when she completes it.



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