Jonathan Godfrey

Jonathan David Godfrey (Born December 5, 1968) is a Survivors Network Co-founder, flight nurse, air-medical safety advocate, public speaker, Cheif Operating Officer of, and a partner at Protean, LLC


Godfrey is best known for his air medical and helicopter safety advocacy predicated by surviving the LifeEvac 2 medical helicopter crash into the Potomac River near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in the Washington, D.C. Metro area January 10, 2005. Pilot Joe Schaffer and paramedic Nikki Kielar died leaving Godfrey as the sole survivor.


He released the book "Max Impact: A Story of Survival" about his late colleagues, the crash and experiences in January 2017 with National and AP award-winning investigative journalist and columnist, MJ Brickey.


Godfrey's award-winning presentation — by the same name as his book — has touched thousands, nationally and abroad. 


He has taken his expertise and research to the Federal Aviation Administration, Capitol Hill, the Commission on Accreditation of Air Medical Transport Systems — and spoken nationally and abroad — in helicopter crash prevention and survivability to influence changes in procedures, policies, and standards to make strides towards a vision of 0 fatalities.


He currently serves on the National Emergency Medical Services Memorial Service board of directors and is a part of the United States Helicopter Safety Team.


He can be booked to speak by Katie Miller at All American Entertainment.


(Pictures right, Jonathan Godfrey pictured October 3, 2015, at a public relations event at a community park in Maryland.)

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